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Remap Services

KR Performance is an installer of ECU remaps and takes full liability of any accidental damage to your vehicle during the installation process to your vehicle.

We work alongside external professional ‘remap writers’ and the liability for any mistake in the remap software lies with them and not KR Performance.

We will however make contact with our third-party remap writers and mediate if necessary to help you and them come to a resolution for any mistakes in the remap software, from start to finish. We may also choose to cover the cost of repairs ourselves and then claim back the costs from the remap writer but this will be done at our discretion and is not guaranteed.

General faults and damage caused to your vehicle as a result of poor maintenance, weak/faulty parts are not covered by this. If your vehicle breaks down after the remap is installed – and as a proven result of this – we and the remap writer will not accept any legal responsibility for this. This would come down to maintenance of the vehicle which the owner is wholly responsible for.

By allowing us to continue the remap process to your vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is in good health and in suitable condition for an ecu remap.

We may perform a diagnostic check before we carry out any ecu remap work to your vehicle, and if any faults are found we will discuss these and advise against a remap until the faults are rectified. If you wish to proceed without correcting the faults we will not be liable for any damage that may be caused.

As a result of an ecu remap, there is usually more strain put on components such as turbos, egr-valves, clutches, injectors and more and we will not be held responsible for any failure of such components. A performance remap will usually pushing the settings of these components above the original settings from factory and any weak component may fail sooner than at the standard factory settings.

If in the event you wish for your vehicle to be returned to stock, there may be a charge for this process to cover labour time. Again if you wish for the remap to be re-applied to your vehicle at a later date there may also be a charge for this to cover the labour time.

In the event that we perform a diagnostic check on your vehicle prior to an ecu remap and we feel that it is not suitable for a remap, you will only be liable for the diagnostic charge of £50, this will however be deducted from your invoice in future if you correct any faults found and proceed with the remap at a later date within 3 calendar months.

No refunds will be given on ecu software, we may however issue a remap credit which will be redeemable against any vehicle of the customers choice.

If in the event we do agree to issue a refund, this will be minus the cost of the remap software at £60 and minus the cost of any diagnostic checks performed on the vehicle, diagnostic checks are priced at £50 per diagnostic check.

When proceeding with an ecu remap by KR Performance, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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